Youngsters play squid sport and beat up the losers, faculty warns – CNET

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Playing marbles may seem like an innocent pastime, but they become deadly in Squid Game.

Netflix / Youngkyu Park

Netflix hit show Squid game is not a children’s series, although it is a deadly tournament with children’s games. Now a Belgian school reports that children imitate the show in the playground and beat up those who lost the games.

Students from the municipal school of the Erquelinnes Beguinage in Hainaut were inspired by the show, reports the Brussels Times. You played the stop-start game known in the US as Red Light, Green Light and apparently in Belgium as 1, 2, 3 Piano.

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“We [must remain] vigilant so that this unhealthy and dangerous game is stopped, “a school representative posted on his Facebook page this week. The post noted that the children can still play the game but simply cannot physically harm the losers.

In the show, Red Light, Green Light is the first game that the participants with lack of money play in the tournament. They hope to win big, but soon find out that when they move, after a giant robot puppet shouts “red light”! they are shot. Whoever crosses the finish line successfully is allowed to continue in the tournament.

While the show is not intended for children and features numerous bloody deaths, it has definitely caught the imagination of many. There is numerous memes related to the game, and Halloween costume with the candidates dressed in green, guards in red suits and other characters are sold out.

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