Withings ScanWatch Horizon takes over Apple Watch, Fitbit with sleep apnea smarts – CNET

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Withings has always marched to the beat of its own drum when it comes to smartwatch design. Instead of the OLED displays from counterparts like that Apple watch and Fitbit Scythe, Withings is fusing dials with digital screens to create watches that could pass for traditional timepieces. The new ScanWatch Horizon goes one step further and looks like a diving watch with a rotating bezel and stainless steel bracelet.

The ScanWatch Horizon is essentially a luxury version of the Original ScanWatch announced in 2020. However, this watch never made it to the US pending FDA approval. Both versions are expected to hit the US market by the end of 2021 – again subject to regulatory approval. But the new watch is now available in France, Germany and the UK for € 499.95 / £ 499.95 for the 43mm size. Pricing for the Horizon isn’t available yet, but the original ScanWatch starts at $ 279.

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Inside is a pretty full list of sensors and health features you’d expect to see in 2021, including a single-channel electrocardiogram (EKG), optical heart rate sensor, and SpO2 or blood oxygen readings, similar to what you see on the Apple Watch and Fitbit Sense . But it also comes with sleep monitoring tools that can potentially detect sleep apnea.

Some watches like that Galaxy Watch 4 Have snore detection that uses your phone’s microphone. Fitbit’s snore detection on the Versa 3 and Sense is slated to be fully released later this year, while Apple has added breathing rate to sleep tracking WatchOS 8. However, Withings claims that it can detect signs of nighttime breathing disorders (or potential sleep apnea) from the blood oxygen levels, heart rate, movement, and breathing rate recorded by the watch.

Another feature that potentially sets the SmartWatch Horizon apart is battery life. Withings claims it will last 30 days, much longer than Apple Watch, Fitbit or Samsung smartwatches.

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