Twitch suffers huge hack: supply code, passwords, creator payouts and extra have been leaked on-line

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Twitch, the popular game streaming website, has suffered a major data breach. Data such as all of Twitch’s source code, creator payouts, password, account IDs, email, and more have been leaked online.

On Tuesday, an anonymous user posted a 125GB torrent link on 4chan which, as the leaker claims, contains the entirety of Twitch and its commit history. The leaker also claims to have taken unreleased software, including an unreleased Steam competitor named Vapor by Amazon Game Studios, as well as hacking tools the company uses to test its own network for security threats.

In the 4chan post, the hacker explained that inside this huge pile of Twitch data is the following information:

  • The entirety of, with a commit history that goes back to its early beginnings
  • Twitch clients for mobile, desktop and video game consoles
  • Various proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services used by Twitch
  • Every other property that Twitch owns, including IGDB and CurseForge
  • An unreleased Steam competitor to Amazon Game Studios
  • Twitch SOC internal red teaming tools
  • 2019 Creator Payout Reports

The leaker says this is “part one” of the data leak, which suggests that more data will be leaked. The news was first reported by the Video Games Chronicle, which said Twitch was “aware” of the leak internally on Monday.

As of now, neither Amazon nor Twitch have said a word about the data breach, but if you are a member of Twitch it is highly recommended that you change your passwords just in case and enable two-factor authentication.

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