Try this unimaginable drone flight via Man Metropolis’s Etihad Stadium

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Football giant Manchester City secured the English Premier League title this week, beating arch-rivals Manchester United to second place.

As part of the celebrations, the club offered its fans – as well as anyone interested in drone photography – a breathtaking flight through its modern Etihad stadium with 55,000 seats.

The 220-second one-shot video is a stunning display of the capabilities of drones from a first-person view (FPV). The footage takes viewers across the pitch and grandstands, as well as through the locker rooms, media centers, restaurants and all other facilities the Etihad Stadium has to offer.

A series of amazingly complicated maneuvers covers every corner of the 19 year old sports facility. The drone ends with a shot of the recently won Premier League trophy.

“This footage is 100% real, no camera tricks, no hidden changes, no CGI – a drone shot with one take!” said the club in a message that accompanied the video.

The only obvious post-production is adding an audio track to eliminate the sound of the drone and give the sequence a more realistic feel.

The club has yet to reveal the identity of the ace drone pilot behind the footage, although promising to release a behind-the-scenes video in the coming days that should reveal everything.

FPV drone videos have garnered renewed attention recently after an equally impressive bowling alley flyover went viral in March. The same pilot, Jay Christensen, followed with another big shot at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

As the name suggests, FPV drone pilots wear a headset for a comprehensive, real-time view of the flight. FPV quadcopters tend to offer faster speeds and greater versatility than many of the most popular drones on the market right now. One of the entry-level machines is the recently unveiled DJI FPV drone that we reviewed on this website.

Want more? For some of the best FPV drone videos, check out this Digital Trends compilation which features other stunning endeavors from around the world.

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