These annoying iMessage responses might get higher in Google Messages

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  • In Google Messages, iMessage responses from iPhones come as text messages.
  • A future update of Messages could fix this annoying incompatibility.
  • It is not known exactly how this will work, but we expect emoji responses to come in place of the “Like a picture” text.

It is for this reason that iPhone users who use the reaction feature in iMessage end up sending full-length text messages to Android users. In Google Messages and most other Android SMS apps, these messages are displayed as “Like” or “Loved …”, where the running text is what is being responded to. In some cases, a copy of all of the previous SMS could follow, which is quite annoying.

Fortunately, an APK teardown (via 9to5Google) strongly suggests that Google is working on a fix for this. The teardown doesn’t reveal what the exact solution is, but it looks like Google could replace the “Like” text messages with emoji. It’s unclear whether this uses the built-in response system in Google Messages or just sends a simple emoji. In any case, it would be better than it is now.

Essentially, Messages could just intercept a response message, convert it to an emoji, and then delete the message itself before you ever see it. If that’s true, it would remove one of the great barriers between iPhone and Android users.

APK teardowns usually reveal features that could arrive in a few weeks or months. Hence, it is possible that it won’t be long before we see this introduction.


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