The Sony SRS-NS7 wears audio system round its neck

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When you think of speakers, you think of devices that are built into a television, sit on a desk next to your computer, sit on a stand next to your television, and so on. When it comes to headphones, you can imagine a device wrapping itself around your ears while it is worn on your head.

Sony seems to have created a bit of a hybrid with the SRS-NS7, a pair of portable speakers that sit around your neck but don’t actually rest on your ears.

To be fair, this isn’t Sony’s first rodeo with devices like this, nor is it the first company to develop such a device, but we suppose it has its appeal. According to Sony, this device can provide users with an “immersive home theater experience” without the need for more expensive surround sound speaker systems.

It has support for Dolby Atmos, but you will need a Sony Bravia XR TV along with the WLA-NS7 wireless transmitter. After that, users can then use the included 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer app, which will take a picture of your ear and then try to optimize the sound based on it.

The SRS-NS7 also works with non-TV sets. According to Sony, you can pair with a smartphone and enjoy 360 Reality Audio from streaming services like Deezer and Tidal, and also connect it to PCs or tablets. In terms of price, we’re looking at $ 300 for the speakers and $ 60 for the transmitter.

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