The primary real-life images of the alleged Galaxy S22 Extremely seem

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Leak Front Page Tech 1


  • A series of photos that appear to show a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have just been leaked.
  • As expected, the photos show a phone that looks remarkably similar to a Galaxy Note, complete with an S Pen slot.
  • This is likely an early prototype so the design may not be final.

As an example, today we have a series of seemingly real photos of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (via Front Page Tech). The images closely match leaked renders we saw weeks ago, so we tend to believe they are real.

You can take a look at the pictures yourself below.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has leaked photos

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Leak Front Page Tech 4

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will almost certainly be similar to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The curved display, box-shaped design, and S Pen slot are all trademarks of the Galaxy Note. We expected this based on previous renders leaked, but these real-world images basically solidify the rumor.

These pictures now show what is undoubtedly an early prototype of the phone. As a result, the design may vary slightly from the finished product, which we expect to launch in early 2022. The basics of the design are likely already set in stone, however, so your future Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will likely look a lot like this one.

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Aside from the novelty of seeing it in real life, the phone isn’t all that unexpected. The camera array is almost unchanged from the Galaxy S21 Ultra (108MP main, 12MP ultra wide angle, 10MP 3x telephoto and 10MP 10x telephoto). The display section is still there and still centered. There is no headphone jack.

Stay tuned for more information on this phone soon. Now that we know prototypes are in the wild, there are sure to be more leaks.

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