The Apple Watch Collection 7 comes with a mysterious 60.5 GHz wi-fi information switch module

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In a recent report by MacRumors, they discovered an FCC filing for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, which revealed that the wearable is equipped with a new module that enables 60.5 GHz wireless data transmission. However, there’s a good chance this is for internal use only.

Filing indicates this feature is enabled when placed on a proprietary magnetic dock with its own 60.5 GHz module. Since then, it has been suggested that it could potentially be used by Apple Stores to wirelessly restore a watch, but it has also fueled some speculation about what this could mean for future Apple products.

For example, one of the rumors we’ve heard is that Apple could skip USB-C and just create a portable iPhone. It was then suggested that Apple was looking for ways to enable such an iPhone to recover data wirelessly, and so the idea of ​​using a 60.5GHz module might not be that far-fetched.

There were also some comments speculating that it might somehow be linked to Apple’s upcoming rumored AR / VR glasses, where it might enable some kind of connection between the headset and the watch. Either way, this is pure speculation so don’t get your hopes up just yet. As far as we know, it really just might be one way to allow the Apple Store to restore clocks without wires.

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