Richter within the Fortnite course of reiterates that Apple should enable exterior cost hyperlinks within the App Retailer – CNET

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Apple has about a month before new rules go into effect.

James Martin / CNET

When Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers announced her verdict in September that the way Apple operates its iPhone and iPad app store has largely not violated antitrust laws, she added a reservation. The tech giant, she said in an arrangement along with her ruling, must allow app developers to include links in their apps to direct people to alternative payment sites outside of its app store. this Apple would withhold up to 30% commission There are fees for selling digital items, e.g. B. Movie subscriptions or a new look for a character in a game. But she said it was fairer.

On Tuesday, she repeated this argument when she denied Apple’s request to implement her order until after objection from Fourteen days Manufacturer Epic Games have taken their course. That, she said Apple’s attorney on the Mark Perry case, during a hearing on Tuesday, could take years.

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“You haven’t asked for a couple of months, you haven’t asked for six months, you haven’t asked for a limited time,” she continued. “You asked for a nationwide stay that could last three, four or five years. For his part, Perry argued that it could take six months to a year.

Rogers’ order is due to take effect on December 9th. Apple said in a statement that it still believes that “no additional business changes should be required to take effect” until all appeals on its case are resolved. “We intend to ask the Ninth Circle for a stay because of these circumstances.”

The verdict is a setback for Apple, which has been battling Epic over Fortnite for more than a year. On the surface, their struggle seems to be a debate about who gets more money when we spend money on an app on the App Store. But Epic is trying to ask bigger questions about it how much Apple can control its app store and the more than 1 billion active iPhones that are only allowed to download apps from this location.

Apple’s Perry argued Tuesday that any changes to the App Store take time and that it is “extremely difficult” to create “guard rails and guidelines” to protect children, developers, consumers and Apple itself. He noted that Apple has already made two changes to its App Store in the past few months that will allow developers to to contact users who choose to use email communication. Apple also allows “Reader” apps that access music, films, or other content purchased as part of a subscription or entertainment service, to provide links to alternative login methods in their apps.

In its Tuesday ruling, Rogers said Apple’s concerns were exaggerated, noting that the company’s new app rule for “readers,” as well as other features that allow Apple to play against people using other devices in apps like Fortnite, and access accounts on a Sony PlayStation. Microsoft Xbox, PC or other platforms are effectively “test samples” that prove that alternatives outside the app store can be “housed”.

“The fact that the injunction requires additional technique or guidance is not evidence of irreparable violation,” wrote Rogers. “Rather, it suggests, at best, that more time will be needed to meet the requirements.”

However, since Apple instead requested an indefinite delay in completing the appeal process, Rogers denied his request.

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