OnePlus 10 Professional’s charging velocity was revealed in a brand new leak and it is quick

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  • A reliable leaker has shown that the OnePlus 10 Pro offers wired charging speeds of 125 W.
  • The Realme GT 2 Pro, Oppo Find X4-series, Oppo N-series and Reno 8 Pro will also reportedly have the same speeds.
  • There is no information yet about the wireless charging speed for any of these devices.

The current top tier phone from OnePlus, the OnePlus 9 Pro, is certainly not a problem in terms of charging speed. It offers 65W wired charging (with the right adapter) that can charge you from empty to full in ~ 29 minutes. That’s fast, but it looks like the OnePlus 10 Pro will be a lot faster.

A new leak comes from Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings on Twitter) claiming that the OnePlus 10 Pro and various other BBK flagships will support 125W wired charging speeds.

Realme GT 2 Pro, Find X4 Series, OnePlus 10 Pro, OPPO N Series Phone, Reno 8 Pro with 125W Fast Charge.

According to the tweet, the Realme GT 2 Pro, Oppo Find X4 series, Oppo N series, and Reno 8 Pro also support 125W charging. Unfortunately, there is no information on wireless charging speeds yet.

OnePlus’s implementation is likely to be a rebranded or tweaked version of Oppo’s 125W Flash Charge technology that was unveiled last July. During that announcement, Oppo claimed it could charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 20 minutes.

We don’t yet know how big the OnePlus 10 Pro’s battery will be, although we can assume it will be roughly the same size as the OnePlus 9 Pro’s 4,500 mAh battery. If the 10 Pro is the same as the 9 Pro, you can likely charge the 10 Pro’s battery from 0 to 100% in just over 20 minutes.

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It’s not meant to be a wet blanket, but it’s worth mentioning the downsides of charging a smartphone quickly. Oppos’s own Flash Charge technology actually degrades the battery of your smartphone to an alarming extent. At least in the case of Oppo’s 125 W flash charger, Oppo informed the Android Authority that the battery capacity would be “maintained” at 80% after 800 full charge and discharge cycles. That means that in just over two years you will have lost about a fifth of your battery capacity. Well, this situation would only occur if you were to completely drain your phone’s battery every day – which for many users likely won’t be at all – but it’s still a lot faster than other charging methods out there.

This also assumes that OnePlus would use an exact replica of Oppo’s Flash Charge technology. It’s been over a year since this technology was first announced, so we expect the OnePlus implementation to be improved in some way.

Is wired charging too fast at 125 W?

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Charging at 125 W is the perfect charging speed for a smartphone.


I’d rather have slower charging speeds so my battery will last longer.


We also hope the OnePlus 10 Pro’s charging technology works well with other chargers. In the case of the Oppo Find X3 Pro, you only get super-fast charging speeds with Oppo’s proprietary cable and wall adapter. If you are only using an old charger, the phone’s charging speeds will absolutely drop. We hope that OnePlus’ charging technology doesn’t suffer from the same limitations.


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