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Stranger Things is one of those shows where a new hour-long metric show is more popular than Netflix’s previous metrics.


Netflix posted top 10 rankings for its most popular original shows and films based on the total number of hours people watched in the first month of their release on Monday, the first time this type of data was released for its programming.

For the past couple of years Netflix was more aggressive in releasing the most popular titles, but typically viewer stats were based on the number of accounts that watched at least two minutes of a show – a metric that is sometimes criticized for not really showing how many people are watching a show have seen. how many have tried it. The Hours Watched metric also shows the strength of some shows that were released before Netflix began to speak out consistently on viewership – or were released so long ago that Netflix simply had millions fewer accounts to use seeing them than enjoying newer shows.

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For example, the third season of Stranger Things is the fifth most popular Netflix series by the number of accounts it test. But by hours, the fourth season of Stranger Things is number 3 on Netflix’s most popular original series, and season two – which came out when Netflix had 100 million fewer subscribers than it is now – is number 8 on the top show.

The hours viewed as a metric are a better measure of the continued attractiveness of certain titles. But it also has some disadvantages as a metric: For example, it prefers films and TV seasons that simply have longer running times. For three and a half hours, the Irishman suddenly appears in the Netflix film top 10 list by hours, even though he lags far behind a top 10 ranking when you count how many accounts have scanned it.

Netflix was notorious in terms of viewership for years. The creator of House of cards, who publicized Netflix’s original content efforts, once said the company wouldn’t even share viewer numbers with him. But over the past two years, Netflix has grown much more talkative about the popularity of its shows and films, in an effort to attract talent and generate buzz. Netflix has also added a top trending ranking to its service so people can see which of the most popular titles streamed on Netflix in their country are on any given day.

But Netflix’s audience stats have upset sections of the television industry for not being verified, unsupported, and disclosed without much accountability.

Netflix top 10 series after total viewing hours in the first 28 days:

  1. Bridgerton, Season 1 – 625 million hours
  2. Money Heist, Part 4 – 619 Million Hours
  3. Strange things 3 – 582 million hours
  4. The Witcher, Season 1 – 541 million hours
  5. 13 reasons why, Season 2 – 496 million hours
  6. 13 reasons why, Season 1 – 476 million hours
  7. You, season 2 – 457 million hours
  8. Strange things 2 – 427 million hours
  9. Money Heist, Part 3 – 426 Million Hours
  10. Ginny & Georgia, Season 1 – 381 million hours

Netflix top 10 Movies after total viewing hours in the first 28 days:

  1. Bird feeder – 282 million hours
  2. Extraction – 231 million hours
  3. The Irishman – 215 million hours
  4. The Kissing Booth 2 – 209 million hours
  5. 6 metro – 205 million hours
  6. Spenser Confidential – 197 million hours
  7. Enola Holmes – 190 million hours
  8. Army of the Dead – 187 million hours
  9. The old guard – 186 million hours
  10. Murder Mystery – 170 million hours

Netflix previously published all of the viewer stats for the shows and movies in its top 10 rankings based on the number of accounts they tested. For reference, these rankings are:

Netflix top 10 series by the number of accounts that viewed for at least two minutes in the first 28 days after posting:

  1. Bridgerton, Season 1 – 82 million
  2. Lupine, Part 1 – 76 million
  3. The Witcher, Season 1 – 67 million
  4. Sex / Life, Seasons 1 – 67 million
  5. Stranger Things 3 – 67 million
  6. Money robbery, part 4 – 65 million
  7. Tiger King, Season 1 – 64 million
  8. The Queen’s Gambit – 62 million
  9. Sweet Tooth, Season 1 – 60 million
  10. Emily in Paris, Season 1 – 58 million

Netflix top 10 Movies by the number of accounts that viewed for at least two minutes in the first 28 days after publication:

  1. Extraction – 99 million
  2. Bird crate – 89 million
  3. Spenser Confidential – 85 million
  4. 6 underground – 83 million
  5. Murder puzzles – 83 million
  6. The old guard – 78 million
  7. Enola Holmes – 77 million
  8. Project output – 75 million
  9. Army of the Dead – 75 million
  10. Fatherhood – 74 million

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