Microsoft Floor Duo 2 introduced: Principally all of the upgrades you need

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  • Microsoft has just taken the covers off the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. It has a new design and new functions.
  • Unlike the original model, the phone has modern flagship specifications and a full camera system.
  • The Duo 2 will cost $ 1,499 and be available on October 5th, but pre-orders are available now.

The Duo 2 offers a variety of upgrades over the original Surface Duo. It has a flagship chipset in the Snapdragon 888. There is 5G support. It has a rear camera with three lenses. Basically, this is a flagship 2021 phone that happens to have dual displays and is made by Microsoft.

Surface Duo 2 camera

Like last year, the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 opens like a book and shows two separate displays. The displays are 90Hz, which is a nice upgrade over the 60Hz displays in the original.

On the outside, however, there’s a new Glance Bar. As the name suggests, this small, thin display gives you the basic information you need without opening the phone. This includes time, battery life, notifications, etc.

The rear camera system is one of the biggest upgrades (the original didn’t have a rear view camera system at all). It includes a 12 MP main lens with OIS, a 16 MP ultra wide angle lens, and a 12 MP telephoto lens, also with OIS. This is a great selection on paper so we’re excited to see what this phone can actually do.

Unfortunately, all of these new tweaks and upgrades have increased the price of the phone. It now starts at $ 1,499 – $ 100 more than its predecessor. Ouch. It also comes on board with Android 11, and Microsoft doesn’t directly say when it will get Android 12.

Stay tuned for our full review of the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. In the meantime, if you’d like to give Microsoft a try, pre-order the new phone now. General sale begins October 5th and the phone is available in Glacier and Obsidian colors.

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