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It’s one of the biggest problems with buying technology: will my new purchase immediately be out of date? Or at least outdated? This type of FOMO can cause long delays in purchasing a laptop, phone, or tablet, always waiting for the next update or upgrade. With the Announcement of Windows 11, Laptop and desktop shoppers find themselves in this familiar situation.

Here’s what we know so far. Windows 11 arrives on October 5th, albeit not immediately on every PC. (You may have to wait until mid-2022 to install it.) System requirements as described by Microsoft seems to cover almost every Windows PC sold today. To ensure that Windows 11 works on your current computer, you can install Microsoft’s PC Health Check here. Must-haves for Windows 11 include at least 4 gigabytes of RAM, 64 GB of storage and a 720p display with a diagonal of over 9 inches. The company also says, “Windows 11 Home Edition requires an Internet connection and a Microsoft account to complete device setup the first time you use it.”

Here is a full list of system requirements for Windows 11.

System requirements for Windows 11

Spec requirement


1 GHz or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System-on-a-Chip




64 GB or larger storage device

System firmware

UEFI, Secure Boot capable


Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0

graphic card

Compatible with DirectX 12 or higher with WDDM 2.0 driver


HD display (720p) with a diagonal of more than 9 inches, 8 bits per color channel

Internet connection and Microsoft account

For Windows 11 Home Edition: Internet connection; Microsoft account to complete device setup on first use For all Windows 11 editions: Internet access to update and download and use some features; Microsoft account for some functions

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The operating system upgrade calculation

For Mac and iPhone or iPad users, the annual operating system upgrade is largely seamless. Changes are generally incremental, and the updates are easy to download and install. And since there are only a handful of hardware variations, all of which Apple makes, there are few (but not zero) compatibility issues.

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But there were always legitimate reasons for it Keep your old hardware running on the current operating system and do not upgrade. Switching between Windows 7 and Windows 8 was … rocky. Lots of people skipped Windows 8 and held out for Windows 10, which was a lot better. Some of these holdouts even resisted Windows 10, with some legitimate concerns.


Microsoft also makes its own line for Surface PCs, including the Surface Go.

Dan Ackerman / CNET

Reasons to Buy a Laptop Now

Since its introduction in 2015, all of the major Windows 10 updates have run smoothly on all of the PCs I’ve used or tested. As Windows 11 seems like a modest overall update, focuses in large part on that Appearance of the menu bars and grouped windows, for now, I have no qualms about buying a Windows 10 laptop now and waiting for the free Windows 11 update later this year.

You can also very easily stay with Windows 10 for now, If you want. This operating system will continue to be supported with updates and patches (and especially security updates). until at least 2025.

Most of the game updates for Windows 11 are based on the Xbox app, and all updates should be available for Windows 10 as well. And if you upgrade to Windows 11 later, I see no reason why this should affect the gaming hardware.

When you think of Buy a new laptop now, I don’t see any major CPU / GPU updates that would change my mind until next year. Nvidia’s newest 3000-series mobile chips appeared in laptops earlier this year (although it’s possible the Ti versions of these will show up in laptops at some point).

Currently running:
Look at that:

Microsoft demonstrates new Windows 11


Reasons to wait for Windows 11

Microsoft goes on to say that PC makers like Dell, HP, Lenovo and others are planning “hundreds of new Windows 11 designs” for the holiday season. With some operating system overhauls, this can mean interesting new hardware with valuable new features.

Windows 8 was a great example of this. This operating system was started along with one dizzying array of inventive (or just plain weird) new hybrid laptops Designed around Use the new touch functions integrated in Windows 8.


One of the weird and sometimes wonderful new laptop designs that came out alongside Windows 8 in 2012. I don’t expect anything so revolutionary this time.

For Windows 11 with the promise of new Windows 11 integrated systems, there may be new design ideas and new hardware features that we haven’t seen yet. But other than potential haptic feedback for pens, I haven’t heard anything that would make me think I’m buying a new laptop now.

Based on what we currently know, I think that if you are already pulling the trigger when you buy a Windows laptop, you can move on with no worries. If any new information causes my mind to change, I’ll let you know.

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