Google Pixel 6 Japanese TV advertisements are falling and filled with widgets

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  • A new Japanese TV ad for Google Pixel 6 has been released, showcasing the upcoming flagship smartphone.
  • The display shows lots of widget images along with the phone’s new tensor processor.
  • The Pixel 6 is scheduled to hit the market in mid-October.

As of the beginning of October, Google continues to advertise its upcoming Pixel 6 phone weeks ahead of the expected official launch date. This week the company launched a Japanese TV ad for Google Pixel 6 that seeks to make this smartphone stand out from the crowd.

The display shows an on-screen widget for controlling music. It includes backward and forward symbols on the sides, a pause button at the bottom and a kind of play button in the middle. We also see a volume slider widget and one that shows the artist’s name and title along with its own control icons. It is unknown if the Pixel 6 will start up with this type of user interface.

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The display also shows other widgets like a clock, one for showing the current weather, one for photos, and a message notification icon. Of course, there’s also a look at the phone’s new tensor processor and its rear camera.

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