Girl by accident swallows AirPod as an alternative of ache medicine

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If a new problem arises as more true wireless earbuds are made, they are so small that they can actually be accidentally swallowed. We have come across various stories from people who accidentally swallowed their AirPods and now we can add one more story to this list.

According to a TikTok video posted by @iamcarliiib, she appears to have mistaken her AirPods for her pain reliever, ibuprofen, as she had one in her hands at a time. In her post it says: “I crawled into bed. I had Ibuprofen 800 in my right hand and I had my left AirPod in my left hand. “

“I liked to throw something back, grab my water bottle and take a sip … then I realized it wasn’t the ibuprofen. I’ve tried puking it up and it’s not coming out. ”It did come out naturally, but she went to an X-ray to be sure. We’re not sure if the AirPods were still working after we swallowed them, but she stated that she will no longer use this AirPod.

Also of interest is that the AirPod was connected to her phone while she was on the phone, and she also sent a voice memo to a friend that recorded the gurgling sounds while the AirPod was in her stomach.

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