Each earbud maker ought to copy Huawei’s new customer support

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  • Huawei has introduced a new customer service that offers users a discount for replacing a single earbud.
  • The service available in China includes three models from the FreeBuds wireless earbud line.
  • Huawei confirmed that it will later introduce the service in “international markets”.

Huawei has developed a new customer service add-on that reduces the cost of replacing lost or damaged earbuds.

According to ITHome, Huawei’s new headset exchange service allows customers to purchase a single earbud at a cheaper price. According to a machine translation poster, the “No Worries Headphone Loss Service” offers users “50% off the price of a single earphone”. The insurance cover is valid for two years after the earphones are first purchased.

The service is limited to China and only applies to three mid-range models: FreeBuds 4i, Freebuds 4 and FreeBuds Pro. These earbuds range from £ 79 to £ 129 (~ 106- $ 174) in the UK.

How much do Huawei’s replacement buds cost?

The replacement price for these buds is not immediately apparent. For example, on the company’s Chinese parts site, a replacement FreeBuds earbud costs 4,459 yuan (about $ 72). Give it a 50% discount, and replacement with this service should cost around 229 yuan (~ $ 40) in theory.

However, Huawei also lists three “recommended retail prices” on its poster, namely 39 yuan (approx. 6 US dollars) for the FreeBuds 4i, 69 yuan (approx. 11 US dollars) for the FreeBuds 4 and 79 yuan (approx. $ 12) for the FreeBuds Pro. It’s unclear what these prices refer to, but we suspect it could be the price consumers pay to get access to this service.

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How does the Huawei earbud exchange service work?

Huawei confirmed to the Android Authority that the service “will hit international markets later,” but it is a service that other earbud manufacturers should seriously consider implementing themselves in the meantime. Finding earbuds that won’t fall out remains a challenge, and even the most careful of users can lose one. If you’re losing more than $ 100 on a pair, it might be worth paying a little more for a service that offers a cheaper replacement bud. Flagship smartphones often end up with free screen swaps and other maintenance programs; Why not earplugs?

We have contacted Huawei for more information on the terms of the service. But what do you think of the service? Would you sign up for something similar? Let us know by voting in the poll above.

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