Apple remains to be bundling EarPods with the iPhone 13 in France

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Do you remember the time when smartphones came with all sorts of accessories like charging stones, cables, headphones and maybe more? These days we see more and more manufacturers ditching things like bundled headphones, but apparently not Apple, where in France the iPhone 13 still ships with a pair of Lightning EarPods.

This is due to the local laws of the country where all smartphones must be supplied with a speakerphone to protect children from potential electromagnetic radiation. That’s why Apple is adding the EarPods, which have a built-in microphone that allows users to use the iPhone hands-free.

What is interesting is that Apple makes concessions for various laws and regulations. We have to wonder if this could mean that some countries could eventually force the company to include chargers in their smartphones.

In Brazil, Apple is facing some setbacks against its decision not to include chargers in the iPhone 13 over the same problem with the 2020 iPhone 12.

Apple has cited environmental reasons for ditching the charging brick, claiming that many of us already own USB chargers that will work with the iPhone, though the company’s decision to sell a separate fast-charging brick for $ 20 did some Raised eyebrows.

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