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Apple Arcade has a game for almost everyone.

Shelby Brown / CNET

Apple Arcade now has over 215 games in its catalog. Since its launch in 2019, the subscription service has gained a foothold in the mobile gaming world. Apple Arcade offers originals including fantasy, as well as NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, one of the greatest titles to come on the service to date.

You can also play remastered App Store games – free of ads and paywalls – like Angry Birds: Reloaded and Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City. More classics and new titles will follow.

Here’s every game we look forward to playing in Apple Arcade.

Crucified Road

developer: Hipster whale

Crossy Road Apple Arcade

Apple / screenshot from CNET

Crossy Road – an iconic endless runner already available on the App Store – will soon appear on Apple Arcade with no paywalls or ads. Last year, Hipster whale added Castle Crossy Road to the subscription service.

NBA 2K22

developer: TT games



In NBA 2K22, you can put together your dream team of basketball players and compete against each other in quick match modes with updated player lists, compete against friends in online multiplayer mode and play 3v3 in blacktop mode. You can also play in My Career mode, where you can customize your appearance, position, jersey number, and more. Train on the court and rise to the next level to reach NBA All-Star status.


developer: Will Wright and Gallium Artists


Team Proxi / Twitter

Proxi is an AI simulation game by The Sims Creator Will Wright. The game is based on the player’s memories and uses them as building blocks in the 3D world. Instead of creating a city or house like a gamer would in The Sims, Proxi models the brain. They can store memories and millions of related concepts, according to the website.

Thumper: Pocket Edition

developer: Drool LLC



In Thumper: Pocket edition you play as a space beetle who dares to venture through the void and defeats it with an evil giant head. With music and rhythm gameplay mechanics you have to win boss fights in nine levels. You can expect it to be released on October 1st.

Tiny wings

developer: Andreas Illiger

tiny wings-3


The unique endless runner Tiny Wings lets you play as a bird with tiny wings and big dreams of flying. The bird tries to fly and uses beautiful hills as jumps and slides to flap its little wings and soar into the sky. At least for a short while before gravity brings them back down, but another hill is just around the corner. According to Snowman, said the developers behind Skate City from Apple Arcade Tiny Wings was one of the inspirations for their Alto game series.

You can try Apple Arcade for free for three months when you buy a new Apple device or one month for free when you sign up for the first time. To try out the service, open the App Store and tap the small joystick icon at the bottom of the screen. the Apple One The subscription bundle, also introduced last year, makes it easier and cheaper to get up to six Apple subscription services, including Apple Arcade, for one price. Apple Arcade also partnered with Verizon earlier this year to come up with an offer a free annual subscription with unlimited plans.

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