Amazon Echo Present 15 is a wall-mounted good show

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Last week we reported that Amazon might be working on a new Echo device that would take the form of a wall-mounted display. It looks like the rumors were correct, as the company has since unveiled its all-new Echo Show 15, a small 15-inch display that can be wall-mounted.

Amazon is no stranger to smart displays, but this display sits a little differently as it looks more like a breadboard or even a picture frame as you can tell by its design. This compares to other Echo smart displays that look like speakers with a built-in display.

With the new Echo Show 15, Amazon introduced an updated widget system that lets users create things like family reminders, view the weather, stream smart home notifications, stream camera video feeds, view photos, and more. There’s also a new Visual ID system that appears to automatically display content based on who is in the room.

It sounds kind of creepy, but useful at the same time. The new Amazon Echo Show 15 is priced at $ 150 and is expected to be available for purchase later this year. So keep an eye out if it sounds like something you might find useful.

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