Alphabet launches a brand new firm centered on drug discovery with AI

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Alphabet is starting a new company primarily focused on using artificial intelligence to find ways to discover new drugs. The parent company of Google announced that it would enter the pharmaceutical business with DeepMind and develop new drugs, tools and processes and find out what is possible with AI.

Alphabet’s new company is called Isomorphic Laboratories, which will focus on building tools and discoveries to identify new drugs (via TheVerge). Demis Hassibis will join the company formerly known as DeepMind’s CEO. The two companies will continue to exist and operate side by side, and they will remain separate from each other.

In recent years, the two big words have been “AI” and “5G”. The latter is mainly used to get people to upgrade in the hopes that they can take advantage of speeds slightly faster than 4G, while AI is really focused on making life easier and smarter. AI is used all around us, in our cell phones to adjust the experience and even the brightness on some devices, in our computers, in applications to further improve some tools, marketing agencies to see how people react to certain events and Actions react, filmmakers and so much more.

In Alphabet’s case, AI technology will help search databases of potential molecules to find potential biological targets and refine specific compounds. Isomorphic laboratories will develop models that can predict how drugs with certain new drugs will interact with the body. The spokesman also told TheVerge:

“The company is not allowed to develop its own drugs, but rather sell its models. It will focus on developing partnerships with drug companies, a spokesman said in a statement.

It’s interesting to see this approach from an alphabet company, but not surprising. Developing and testing drugs is very similar to software development in some ways, but it gets a lot more complicated the deeper it goes. There are far more complex structures, certifications and procedures that must be followed closely in order to manufacture drugs, let alone test them safely.

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