YouTube TV and NBC agree on a “brief” extension hours earlier than the deadline

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After their little public argument last week, YouTube TV and NBC confirmed today that they have agreed on a “short” extension. The company has not disclosed how long this “short” extension will be, but has made it clear that “NBCUniversal channels will not go dark tonight at midnight east on YouTube TV”.

That means YouTube TV will continue to stream more than a dozen major NBC-owned channels for now. However, it also means that YouTube TV’s monthly subscription costs won’t get $ 10 cheaper – which the company announced if the NBC deal fell through.

Last week, Google posted a post on its YouTube TV blog saying the two companies have failed to reach an agreement and YouTube TV subscribers could lose access to NBC channels after September 30th. Like Google, NBCU launched a paid campaign on Twitter, saying “You can lose the football on Sunday night, you can lose the Golf Channel, you can act now!” And urged its users to go to a website to contact Google too appeal to renew its NBC deal.

If the deal doesn’t go through, these are the channels unavailable on YouTube TV:

  • NBC Broadcast Partners (different local channels in different markets)
  • NBC regional sports networks
  • CNBC
  • Bravo
  • USA network
  • E! (Entertainment)
  • oxygen
  • SYFY network
  • Telemundo
  • Universal children
  • universe
  • Golf channel

At the moment the deal is still ongoing and you will not lose access to NBC channels. However, both positions in the company could change at any time.

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