You informed us: who makes probably the most lovely Android telephones

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Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Specs and features, pricing and support are all factors that make a smartphone good. But there is one additional factor to consider – aesthetics. We’ve seen some gorgeous smartphones lately that come in different finishes, colors, and cases, but which company is responsible for the most attractive devices on the market?

We asked our readers this question in a recent survey. Here’s who you think makes the most beautiful Android phones.

Who Makes The Most Beautiful Android Phones?


This poll has garnered over 10,000 votes since it was published on November 3rd. Understandably, many readers of this survey have a strong sense of their preferred choice. Only three brands cracked the 10% mark, two of them far away from the rest of the field.

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The company responsible for the best looking Android phones according to our readers is Samsung. The Korean company received 30.6% of the vote. Not far behind, Google took home 28.3% of our readers’ support. Both companies have recently launched appealing devices, with Samsung’s Note 20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 being among the most eye-catching. While earlier Pixels featured a more conservative design with attractive color variations, the Pixel 6 series offers perhaps the most instantly recognizable designs of 2021.

Although Samsung and Google get the most support, 58.9% of readers believe that other brands have more attractive devices in their stalls. Sony took third place with 10.7% of the vote. The Japanese company was followed by OnePlus (7.2%), Xiaomi (5.9%) and Huawei (5.8%).

After all, Asus, Oppo, Vivo, Nokia, Realme and Honor came in last with a combined 9.8% of the vote.

Several readers continued to argue for their preferred brand in the comments, while others nominated alternative brands like Essential and HTC. Read more hot takes below.

Your comments

  • Jim: It was a foregone conclusion that Samsung would be the winner here in the US. Most of the other phones aren’t even sold here. They pretty much only deal with Samsung and Google here in the US, so they’re 1-2. If this survey were to be held in China, Europe, or Indonesia, I’d bet you would get very different results.
  • Nick V: Before the Pixel series, I would have chosen Samsung, but Google put out a great design for the 6 series.
  • Joe Black: Others – any concept artist with Maya or 3DCAD. Imagine Samsung’s, Apples, etc. that look like the concepts people have envisioned. So who makes the most beautiful Android phones? No company.
  • Android fan: Mate 40 Pro is beautiful.
  • JK: Sony – mainly for displays without holes, notches or extremely rounded corners; I would rather have these slim bezels than complicated solutions like motorized cameras or cameras mounted under the display.
  • Adam Irvine: I miss the HTC design days.
  • Adam Cain: The Essential PH-1 is without a doubt my favorite looking Android phone. Mine is retired and I wish there was something like this on my next phone.
  • JR VR: Huawei by a mile.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for voting and commenting. Do you agree with the results? Which company do you think makes the most beautiful Android phones? Let us know in the comments below.

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