Whoop four.zero updates health monitoring with new sensors and extra correct HR know-how

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  • The Whoop 4.0 contains new oxygen and skin temperature sensors as well as better HR tracking.
  • Accessory options include a waterproof battery and clothing for carrying the tracker in various positions.
  • A subscription is required to get the device, but it is free for existing subscribers.

Whoop has released its latest subscription-based fitness tracker, Whoop 4.0, and upgraded its predecessor with sensors for blood oxygen and skin temperature, as well as more accurate heart rate (HR) measurements.

The 4.0’s updated HR sensor configuration has five LEDs with an additional green light, says DC Rainmaker. In fact, there are a number of hardware changes including a 33% smaller size that maintains five days of battery life thanks to better battery technology. The $ 49 wireless whoop battery is now waterproof, which makes it perfect for when you’re on the go and get caught in the rain.

An additional haptic motor enables vibration notifications. One of the first possible uses for this is the Sleep Coach, which can wake you up during an optimal sleep phase.

Whoop also offers new ways to wear the tracker over your whoop body clothing. This includes not only new straps, but also boxers, bras, shorts and leggings through to compression stops. This clothing is not designed for previous Whoop hardware and costs in addition to a subscription.

Registration with Whoop costs 30 US dollars per month, with a minimum duration of six months. The better deals are long-term and cost $ 288 per year or $ 324 for 18 months. The advantage of the subscription model is free upgrades – Existing customers receive the 4.0 free of charge. The device should be delivered on September 27th.

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