Whole lot: Standing desks that we like from Totally are on sale earlier than Black Friday

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Enlarge / The Fully Jarvis standing desk.

Corey Gaskin

The Dealmaster put together some of the best Early Black Friday deals of the past few weeks, but today we wanted to highlight a particularly notable sale of standing desks and related home office accessories from Fully that we recommended earlier in our Guide to Setting Up Your Home Office.

By November 30, the company will reduce almost all standing desks, desk frames, converters, chairs, monitor arms, shelves and other home office accessories in its online shop by 15 percent. Many of these discounts have also been duplicated via on-page coupons on the Fully Amazon storefront if you’d prefer to shop from there. In connection with this, street prices on fully-fledged desks (among others) have risen steadily in the past few months that have been hit by a pandemic, so the discounts here don’t bring the lowest prices we’ve ever tracked. Still, for those looking to adopt a standing desk today, selling is a great opportunity to save on some options we like.

The discounted items that we have tested and recommended include the Jarvis bar table by Fully and the bar table converter by Cooper. Even if the Jarvis is not our top standing desk selection overall – the V2 desk from Uplift offers a handful more customization options, although it does not accommodate shorter frames – it is still an appealing choice from an aesthetic as well as a functional point of view. The sustainably grown bamboo board in our test model helps ensure that the desk fits like a semi-high-end piece of furniture and enhances the room, while the office feels less bureaucratic. You can also choose between desktops made of laminate, natural wood and whiteboard materials. Each price varies, with laminate costing the least and sustainably sourced natural wood fetching a higher price. And yes, you can use dry-erase markers on the top of the whiteboard.

  • The Fully Jarvis standing desk has a solid construction and lots of accessories.

    Corey Gaskin

  • It extends up to 48.25 inches, which is big enough for my six-foot frame.

    Corey Gaskin

  • The Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter, fully extended.

    Corey Gaskin

  • The converter in its flat position.

    Corey Gaskin

Fully offers a variety of desk shapes and sizes, including L-shaped desks and options with built-in drawers. The extensive range of accessories is also one of the main selling points of Fully: In addition to the possibility of designing your own desk according to your wishes (selection of color, frame, material, shape, size, etc.), you can also add a mountable shelf, surge protection Power strips, powered eyelets, all types of stools and chairs, double or single monitor arms, cable management solutions, mountable or stand-alone drawers and a selection of movement boards, mats and other accessories. You can even add a bottle opener or a treadmill depending on your preferences. The prices of this wide range vary, but it gives you plenty of options to make the desk more versatile or comfortable.


Most Fully standing desks come standard with up / down buttons, but you can opt for control pads with up to four memory settings for $ 35. You can also choose an extended reach desk frame that extends from 24.5 “to 50” instead of the standard 29 “to 48.25”. The latter may not be essential, however: as someone 6 feet tall, I had no complaints about the 48.25-inch maximum height.

In any case, the processing quality of the Jarvis is first class. If for any reason mechanical problems occur, there is a seven-year warranty on the mechanical frame and one year on the desktops.

If you already have a desk that you love but still want to try a standing desk, we also recommend the Cooper standing desk converter from Fully. It’s ideal for larger desk spaces as the 21 × 35.5 “area can conveniently accommodate a 34” monitor alongside your laptop, mouse, and even a speaker or two. The keyboard tray measures 12 × 30 inches and offers enough space for keyboard and mouse configurations of any size. The desk can hold loads up to 30 lbs while the tray can hold up to 5 lbs.

The hydraulically assisted converter only needs a short push of the lever to rise from desk height to 22 inches. Even with a heavy monitor and laptop setup, lifting is easy enough to make standing easier if your legs or back get fussy. There are both bamboo and plain black versions so you can choose depending on your style. The 15 percent discount reduces the usually $ 300 table converter, in this case, to $ 254.

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