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Zombie Captain America is hungry.

Marvel Studios

After the last week dark doctor strange journey, the fifth episode of Marvel Cinematic Universe cartoon What if…? landed on Disney Plus Wednesday. This episode leans on horror tropes as it introduces Marvel Zombies into the MCU.

The all-seeing guardian (Jeffrey Wright) who is watching the different realities of the multiverseShe ponders what if … zombies !?

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Beware of undead SPOILERS in front of you.


The quantum virus

That reality diverged from the mainline MCU during the events Ant man and the wasp, with Janet Van Dyne, who caught herself with a brain-wrecking virus during her three decades trapped in the quantum realm. When her husband Hank Pym came in to save her, he became infected and brought the disease back to Earth.

In the comics, the undead heroes were the result of a plague that infected the superheroes of this reality. They soon feasted on most of their world population, in an excellent miniseries from 2005 written by The Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman.

It’s pretty dark, but it’s fun to see zombified versions of iconic heroes ruthlessly devouring everyone around them. And it spawned many sequels and spinoffsSo there’s plenty to eat if you’re excited about the concept.

Zombie Thanos in Marvels What if ...?

An undead Thanos is only one step away from its destination.

Marvel Studios

The cure and the titan

We learn that the Mind Stone can cure the virus, with the head of Spider-Man, Black Panther and Ant-Man going to Wakanda to transfer its power to the world.

However, the episode ends on a dark note – Thanos contracted the virus and managed to collect the five other Infinity Stones. Our heroes unwittingly bring him the last one he needs to attain ultimate power.

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