Watch this RC automotive leap over water on a report drive

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According to the Guinness World Records, this is certainly one of the stranger ones.

It’s not exactly clear what drove Mike Stallone to set the record for “greatest distance driven over water by an RC (remote-controlled) car”, but he did.

Trying to set the record on a lake near Richfield Springs, New York, Stallone sent his Traxxas-made X-Maxx RC car for $ 930 – complete with paddle tires – across the water for an impressive 1.53 km. The effort has surpassed the previous record of 0.42 miles (0.67 km) set by none other than Traxxas.

A video (above) of the record drive shows the car driving across the surface of the lake – sometimes just on its rear wheels – while Stallone and his team steer and track the vehicle from a nearby speedboat.

The X-Maxx RC car from Traxxas.

About halfway there, the car appears to disappear under the water for a moment, but the machine is far from finished and continues for about a quarter of a mile before it finally collapses and tips over.

Stallone actually hit the world record last year, but Guinness World Records has only just released the video highlighting the success.

In his own video (below) from the event, Stallone is understandably delighted with the outstanding performance of his brave RC car and tells the audience, “That was absolutely amazing, I didn’t think this big monster truck could go that far … on the Water hop and I was even able to do a wheelbase on the water, which really shows the power of this truck. “

“Michael owned several Guinness World Records books as a kid and has always dreamed of one day breaking a record,” the famous benchmarking institution said on its website. “He spent weeks preparing his truck and studying footage before driving six hours to the best place to try the record.”

In another tech-related record attempt recently, British stuntman Richard Browning donned a jet suit and flew 100 meters to beat retired Jamaican runner Usain Bolt’s fastest sprint time. Here you can see the daring mission.

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