US Customs seized report variety of counterfeit AirPods

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Apple’s AirPods are $ 199 for the model that includes a wireless charging case, or if you want to get a pro, the AirPods Pro will cost $ 249. Neither of these are considered cheap, but they are made by Apple and are therefore more desirable, but not everyone can afford them.

Because of this, it’s not surprising to see more counterfeit AirPods hit the market, and it looks like US customs officials have been busy seizing those who can find them. According to a report by The Information (Paywall), US Customs have succeeded in seizing around 360,000 units valued at over $ 60 million since October 2020.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, that means a 50% increase in counterfeit wireless headphones over the past five years, suggesting that that increase may have been fueled by the popularity of AirPods. The information also suggests that with more people buying counterfeit AirPods, Apple could take away billions in sales.

That being said, counterfeit products are not new and will always be a problem, especially if companies like Apple continue to sell their products above what most people are willing to pay.

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