This wearable system can run endlessly as it’s powered by human sweat

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Photo Credit – University of California San Diego

Right now, wearables like smart clothing or smartwatches need batteries to run, because where else would they get the power, right? However, engineers at the University of California San Diego may have found a way to potentially power our devices forever using human sweat.

The researchers have developed a wearable device that, when worn on the fingertip, can serve as a power source for other small electronics and sensors. The device generates small amounts of electricity by a person’s tweet or when it is pressed. Since we are constantly sweating, it means that in theory it could generate electricity forever (until it’s removed or we die).

According to researcher Lu Yin: “Unlike other sweat-driven wearables, this one does not require movement or physical exertion on the part of the wearer to be useful. This work is a step forward in making wearables more practical, convenient, and accessible to everyday people. ”Based on their experiment, they managed to generate 400 millijoules of energy during a 10 hour sleep while casually typing and clicking a mouse for an hour produced 30 million millijoules.

Currently, engineers are working to make the device more efficient and durable, so it may take a while to actually be used in products or other practical applications.

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