The latest zombie model, Moto 360, would not run Put on OS

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Enlarge / The Motowatch 100.


The dilapidated remains of the Motorola brand are still floating around. Motorola was fragmented across the technology landscape after its sale to Google, with Google (and now Lenovo) taking over the smartphone business, Motorola Solutions spun off to handle the radio business for first responders, Arris buying the modems division and VTech licensing the Motorola brand for landline telephones. For smartwatches, the Motorola brand was licensed by a company called eBuyNow, a division of CE Brands that licenses other dead technology brands like Kodak.

Meet the Moto Watch 100, the latest eBuyNow product that seeks to relive the glory days of the Moto 360. This watch only costs $ 99.99 to buy.

There is a heart rate monitor on the back. Enlarge / There is a heart rate monitor on the back.


While the original Moto 360 was an Android Wear smartwatch (now Wear OS), with the Moto Watch 100 we see the function of the Motorola smartwatch. It runs something called “Moto OS” which the website describes as “an optimized, health and routine experience that dramatically increases battery life”. There won’t be any third-party apps or an app store, so stick with the functionality boxed in. As far as we can see from the operating instructions, the fitness tracking appears to be with 26 activity modes, continuous heart rate measurement, sleep tracking and display of time and weather. When paired with a phone with Android 5.0+ or ​​iOS 10+, you receive notification mirroring and media remote control. There is also an accompanying smartphone app.


We don’t have a full datasheet, but the website lists a 360 × 360 LCD, 355 mAh battery, Bluetooth 5, GPS, and a SPo2 monitor. There is neither a speaker nor a microphone. So don’t expect voice assistant functionality, phone calls, or notification tones. We have no idea what SoC it uses, but the company previously partnered with Qualcomm. The website promises “14 days of full-time use”.

A look at the smartphone app. Enlarge / A look at the smartphone app.


The last smartwatch company to ditch Wear OS for a more limited operating system was OnePlus when it released the widely available OnePlus Watch for $ 159. Just like this watch, the Moto Watch feels less like a serious tech product and more like a bargain bin.

The Moto Watch 100 ships on December 10th.

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