The great development of the Chromebook is reviving the PC market

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According to the latest data from Canalys, the global PC market (including tablets) has grown strongly for the fourth year in a row. The report goes on to say that the PC market was shipped 53.1% year over year to 122.1 million units. Additionally, Chromebooks was the star of the show as the devices grew 274.6% and achieved a remarkable shipping volume of 12.0 million in the first quarter.

According to a report by Canalys, HP has exceeded Chromebook shipments with a growth of 633.7% and passed the 4 million unit mark. In addition, Lenovo took second place with 3.1 million units shipped. Acer, Samsung, and Dell made up the rest of the top 5, all shipping over 1 million units. Hence, Chromebooks are driving the growth of the PC market.

: Canalys

“Chromebooks are now a mainstream computing product,” said Brian Lynch, research analyst at Canalys. “While the education sector still makes up the bulk of broadcasts, its popularity with consumers and traditional commercial customers has reached new heights over the past year. HP and Lenovo dominate the Chromebook market, but the boom was a case of rising tide that lifted all boats and allowed vendors like Acer and Samsung to gain significant shares in the PC market by specifically catering to the demand for Chromebooks . Google is now in a strong position to work with its OEM partners and the channel to cement a bright future for Chromebooks. A significant boost in messaging and evangelization, coupled with alignment with growth trends such as flexible work arrangements and budget conscious SMBs, will be critical to the longevity of Chromebooks’ success. “

In addition, tablet vendors also saw growth. Apple extended its lead, grew by 50.3% and shipped 15.2 million units thanks to the new iPad Air. Samsung ranked second with 8.0 million units shipped and posted growth of 59.9%. It was followed by Lenovo and Amazon, which posted the highest year-over-year growth in shipment volume at 133.5% and 197.9% respectively, mainly due to a low first quarter of 2020.

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