The brand new Siri distant management may have “Discover My” performance

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When the new Apple TV 4K was announced, the rumors also turned out to be true in the process of introducing a brand new, redesigned Siri remote next to it. However, some noted that Apple’s announcement didn’t mention anything about integrating UWB into the remote, which suggests that UWB may not have Find My features.

However, a report from 9to5Mac found that in iOS 14.5, when you ask Siri to find my Siri remote, it replies that there is no Siri remote associated with your iCloud account. This seems to suggest that the Find My feature could be part of the new Siri Remote, even if Apple didn’t necessarily announce it.

In many ways, it makes sense because the Siri remotes are so small and slim that they’re a lot easier to misplace than larger remotes, which are already pretty easy to lose. In addition, UWB does not have to be traceable, only Bluetooth is sufficient. It’s just that the U1 chip and UWB would make the localization a lot more precise.

That being said, 9to5Mac warns that this message from Siri may mean nothing. They suggest that it could simply be an indication of a feature that was under development but just didn’t make the cut for that particular generation of hardware, but either way we’ll have to wait and see.

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