The AMD Threadripper 5000 launch date is slated to be postponed to November

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YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID) has revealed new information about the upcoming Threadripper 5000 processors. Contrary to previous rumors, the YouTuber suggests that the upcoming series will be released in November rather than September. The video also confirms the specs of the range and indicates future Threadripper launches.

We originally reported that AMD would announce Threadripper 5000 chips in August and general availability in September. Now it appears that general availability will come later in November.

As is common with MLID leaks, the start date is color coded as “high confidence” which means it is not widely used information. It’s still possible for AMD to announce Threadripper 5000 chips in August, but the rollout could happen over the course of a few months.

More importantly, the video confirms the leaked specs of the upcoming processors. Based on Threadripper 3000 chips, the new series will be at the top of the flagship Threadripper 5990X with 64 cores and 128 threads. The lowest model is provisionally called Threadripper 5960X, which should start with 24 cores and 48 threads.

Although we initially expected the prices to be the same as the previous generation, MLID suggests that the price will be higher for each processor. We don’t know how much yet, but somewhere in the hundreds of dollars is probably a safe bet.

According to MLID, AMD will further develop the platform in January 2022 with the “Pro” series. This is a workstation-class series that is said to be led by the Threadripper 5995WX, which has the same 64 cores as the 5990X. This platform will reportedly double the memory channels and PCIe 4.0 lanes – eight-channel DDR4 memory and 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes.

AMD has released similar versions of previous Threadripper processors, so this processor is to be expected at some point. At the moment January seems to be the starting month, but we’re not sure at the moment.

Finally, the video gives a glimpse into the future. There is still a long way to go, but the video suggests that Threadripper chips with Zen 4 cores will hit the market in the first few months of 2023. In contrast to the two previous Threadripper generations, the flagship chip in this series should have 96 cores and 192 threads. Bringing high-end desktop computing to places it has never been before.

Regardless of any specific timeframe, Threadripper 5000 chips should be launched soon. The Zen 3 architecture, which is said to power this generation of processors, has already found its way into the consumer Ryzen range from AMD and the Epyc range of the server class. Threadripper is the only series that hasn’t received the Zen 3 treatment yet.

Although the number of cores of the upcoming processors will correspond to the Threadripper 3000 chips, enthusiasts can expect a significant increase in performance. Ryzen 5000 processors with Zen 3 cores have already shown how much the new architecture can do by increasing single core performance by up to 19%.

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