That is how message reactions work in WhatsApp

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority


  • A new leak has shown how message responses will work when they finally get to WhatsApp.
  • Users will apparently be able to choose from six emojis and the feature will be available in group and individual chats.

We first heard of message reactions on WhatsApp in August when WhatsApp observer WABetaInfo reported the feature was being added to the IM app. This would allow users to respond to messages with an emoji (such as a thumbs up), similar to what happens on Facebook, Discord, Slack, and other platforms.

We’ve now got more information about message reactions again thanks to WABetaInfo, which gives us a better idea of ​​how it’s going to work. For one, the tipster confirmed that these responses will be available in both individual and group chats, and reiterated that they will not be anonymous.

Interestingly, the source notes that users can only respond to a message once and that there are six different emojis to choose from. So hoping for a variety of response options, or even custom responses, might be disappointed (though custom stickers are a welcome addition this week).

Reactions to WhatsApp messages WABetaInfo

We also get a look at a screenshot (shown above) that shows that users can view all reactions to a message or filter by a specific emoji.

In any case, there is still no release date for message reactions on WhatsApp, but the leaker claims that it is actually in development for both Android and iOS.


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