Steam Deck is far more highly effective than we thought, per spec revision

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Valve has clarified the technical specifications for the Steam Deck on its website. The page now correctly indicates that the Steam Deck has quad-channel 32-bit LPDDR5 memory with a bandwidth of 88 GB / s.

Originally, the site claimed that the handheld console had dual-channel LPDDR5 memory with only about 44 Gbps of data transferring. This correction correctly reflects the true power of the Steam Deck and practically doubles its power compared to the original announcement.

When the Steam Deck was first announced, a lot of people dove right into the technical specifications of the product. The original specs were a concern as gamers expected the console to be more powerful. Initially, the Steam Deck would be more powerful than the 25.6 Gbps data flow of the Nintendo Switch, but would even be surpassed by some laptops. Most laptops hover around 68 Gbps of data transfer, which would mean the Steam Deck would be less powerful than hardware that isn’t even fully designed for gaming.

With this fix, Valve’s upcoming handheld is closer to what we would expect from a PC gaming focused company. The newly clarified technical specifications show that the Steam Deck will be able to handle game performance better than initially expected.

While the console still won’t be as powerful as many dedicated gaming PCs, the Steam Deck is still an impressive piece of hardware. People who have been concerned about possible bottlenecks in this console can now rest easy that we now properly understand what to expect from the performance and hardware of the Steam Deck handheld.

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