Stay weblog: All of the information from Apple’s keynote on WWDC 2021 on June seventh. by 10 o’clock

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This Monday, June 7th, Apple will kick off the keynote presentation at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (1 p.m. Eastern Time). The company is sure to reveal details on the next versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS, but we could expect a lot more as well, including (possibly) new Apple Silicon Macs.

Here at Ars Technica we will be live blogging the event as soon as it starts and posting stories of the announcements as soon as they are posted.

It will be an interesting event. We know a lot less about iOS 15 than we did about iOS 14 before last year’s event, so there are sure to be some surprises.

And it’s worth noting that the event marks half of Apple’s two-year roadmap to update its entire Mac lineup with Cupertino’s own custom silicon, replacing Intel. Leaks and reports suggest that Apple is working on a successor to the much-lauded M1 chip, which is intended for higher-end Macs like the MacBook Pro or a replacement for the 27-inch iMac.

We’re not sure if the new chip and associated computers will be announced at this event, but it seems very plausible. And there are other mysterious new developments: There have been rumors of a possible HomeOS announcement, whatever that might entail, and also of new HomePods.

Do you want to know what’s happening? Bookmark this page and plan on returning here on June 7th at 1:00 p.m. EST to see the latest updates! I’ll see you then.

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