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Now you can get SmartThings alerts about your energy usage.

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SmartThings announced on Thursday SmartThings Energy, a new energy tracking service for Samsung HVAC products and devices. SmartThings Energy is now available on the SmartThings app and is designed to help you Save money and reduce your home’s energy consumption by monitoring your usage and sending alerts based on your current statistics.

SmartThings Energy allows you to look at your devices individually and together to get a feel for how each device contributes to the whole. That means you should be able to see exactly how much energy your Samsung air conditioner is using this month compared to last month – and adjust the target temperature if necessary to reduce your consumption and save money. SmartThings Energy also sends alerts if you’ve left a device on, when you’re not at home or using more energy than your set goal.

An energy monitor is a nice idea, but SmartThings Energy will only work with “most Samsung home appliances and HVAC products,” according to SmartThings. The team plans to add support for third-party branded devices, but doesn’t say when.

Before SmartThings was Samsung SmartThings, it was just another startup on Kickstarter. The idea was clever: take all the different smart home apps – nest, Philips, Belkin – and offer a similar user experience on one central app, the SmartThings app. You would never have to switch from app to app to control your devices again. All you have to do is open SmartThings (if you also bought the required router tethered SmartThings Hub).

SmartThings has evolved with new hardware over time, including next generation hubs and accessories from the SmartThings brand. Third-party providers and new services have also been added. SmartThings even supported various Samsung products like TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners and more through the Samsung Cloud.

While SmartThings is a good idea in theory, its app and general functionality never delivered the tests we were hoping for. See my piece 2019 – Samsung SmartThings still hasn’t earned my trust in the smart home – for all the reasons why. We need to see how SmartThings Energy fits into the broader system.

Many brands offer energy monitoring statistics, especially Nest, Eco bee and other smart thermostat manufacturers. Other companies like sense, offer professionally installed energy monitors for the whole house, which are integrated into your circuit-breaker panel and enable a more holistic view of the use of your house. You just need to have compatible Samsung devices in your home for SmartThings Energy to deliver the same value.

Fortunately, SmartThings Energy is a free service that you may or may not use based on the Samsung equipment and HVAC equipment you may have. SmartThings Energy is now available via the SmartThings app.

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