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Sideshow’s premium format makes the Star Wars villain look great.


General Grievous is one of the coolest character designs in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and CNET can offer an exclusive first look at sideshow’s premium-format version of the separatist cyborg villain. He will completely revealed on the first day of the company’s virtual sideshow con, which starts this Monday and runs for a week.

The price and exact size of the statue have not been disclosed, but other premium format figurines currently on the site are typically between 20-25 inches tall and range from $ 500-650. So you are on the expensive side.

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Its segmented arms are split in its intense four-handed murder-bot configuration, and each of its four lightsabers has a clear green or blue blade in the handle.

Our boy Grievous stands on the cool wreck of a spaceship-themed base and his removable cloth cloak has internal wiring in the hem that allows you to dynamically position him for maximum dramatic effect (you will almost hear him scream “General” Kenobi! “).

Even if they’re not in the expensive collectibles market, Star Wars fans should check out Sideshow’s weeklong event and appreciate the craft that goes into their figurines.

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