Selfie comes with flash and hospitalization

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Shav Bird / Creative Commons

It’s the kind of selfie you really don’t want to take, but it has to be said that the resulting photo (below) is quite extraordinary.

The bizarre incident came when siblings Rachel, Isobel and Andrew Jobson decided to take a break from a recent bike ride in south-west London, UK.

According to a BBC report, Isobel decided to take a selfie while they waited for the rain to stop. But the moment she pressed the shutter button, lightning struck, knocking all three of them to the ground, leaving them with burns that resulted in hospitalization.

Siblings taking selfies capture the hellish moment they were struck by lightning

– New York Post (@nypost) July 15, 2021

Isobel told the BBC that no sooner had she pressed the shutter button on her phone, she suddenly “was lying on the floor and couldn’t hear anything but this high hum” and added: “My whole right arm was numb and I couldn’t move . “

Rachel said she was burned to her thigh and stomach and couldn’t feel her arm for a while. “We took the picture with our cell phone and then I was on the ground,” she said. “I felt incoherent. My sister and I screamed. “

All three were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and discharged shortly afterwards.

The trio ended with an amazing selfie, but they could so easily have lost their lives in the incident.

For example, according to official figures, an average of 40 people die from lightning strikes annually in the United States, although at the time of writing there were no reports of lightning-related deaths in the country in 2021.

If you’d rather photograph lightning bolts (from a safe distance) than be hit by them, check out this handy digital trends guide that will tell you everything you need to know.

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