Seen permits you to replace your cellphone earlier than you even pay for it

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  • A new Visible upgrade plan lets you trade in your current phone for a new one, even if the current one hasn’t been paid off.
  • The program works for most phones that Visible offers. However, you need to use the Affirm service to get the early upgrade.
  • The new guideline will come into force on May 3, 2021.

Visible is a no-fuss, millennial-friendly wireless operator. There are no physical stores, there is only one plan, and it costs half as much as parent company Verizon plans. These details alone are enough to take a look at whether you’re ready to change them.

However, the company only made things cuter. Starting May 3, 2021, a new Visible upgrade program lets you swap your current phone for a new one – even before you’ve paid for the current phone.

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T-Mobile, Samsung, and other companies have offered similar programs. Basically, you first need to buy a phone in an installment plan. Once you hit a certain on-time payment threshold, you can upgrade to a new phone without paying for the rest of the old phone. So you always have the latest and greatest equipment.

This is how the Visible Upgrade Plan works

  1. Purchase an eligible device from Visible in installments through the Affirm program. This includes all available Samsung, Google, and Apple devices, as well as certain Motorola, OnePlus, and ZTE devices.
  2. Pay off at least 50% of the affirm loan. At this point, you can upgrade to a newer generation phone from the same manufacturer at no additional charge.
  3. Return the old phone to Visible’s Partner Assurant within 14 days of receiving your new device. At this point, Visible will pay out the remaining loan amount for that device.

Here is a real-world example of how it could work for you:

  • You buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 through Visible with the Affirm program. You pay $ 33 each month for the phone.
  • You make timely payments for this phone every month for a year, so the Visible service stays active on the phone all year round.
  • At this point, you’ve paid $ 396 for the phone, which is 50% of the total cost. You can now upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S22 using the same Affirm program.
  • You will receive your Galaxy S22. You’ll send your Galaxy S21 back and you’ll continue to make your monthly payments for your new phone.
  • Rinse and repeat for the Galaxy S23, S24, etc.

Obviously, this Visible upgrade program was designed to keep you committed to using its service. However, if you’re already a satisfied Visible customer, this is an easy opportunity to get a new phone every year. And if you’re interested in making the switch to Visible, it only made the deal a lot easier.

This will come into effect again from May 3, 2021. Click the button below to sign up for Visible!

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