Save large cash right this moment on the newest MacBooks, iPads, and different Apple merchandise

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We’re kicking off today’s deals with a huge variety of Apple products currently on sale. First, let’s focus on those users who need power on the go. The latest 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro is now getting a $ 150 discount off its 512GB storage version with 8GB of silver RAM. In other words, you can get one of Apple’s top performing laptops for $ 1,349. And if you’re more interested in the Space Gray variant, you can get it with savings of $ 100 to be won at $ 1,399. And if you feel like you can live with just 256GB of storage, the Space Gray and Silver models get discounts of $ 100 and $ 99, respectively, so they stay at $ 1,199 and $ 1,200, respectively.

We also found that the latest M1 MacBook Air is getting a $ 100 discount off its Gold variant with 512GB of storage, so you can get yours for $ 1,149. If you want the silver option, you can find it for $ 1,189 after a $ 60 discount. However, if you want the Space Gray model, we recommend considering the 256GB option if you want to save some cash. You can get it for $ 949 after a $ 50 discount that is universal.

    MacBook Air with Apple M1 chip

If you’re more interested in Intel-powered MacBooks, we’ve found that the 16-inch MacBook Pro is getting a $ 300 discount, which means you can get one of the last few MacBooks for $ 2,499. This gives you a new laptop with 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage and a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i9 processor. If you want the Intel Core i7 variant, you can save one for $ 2,199 with $ 200 and get the same 16GB of RAM but half the storage. And if you want the Intel Core i7 variant of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, you can get one for $ 1,599 with a $ 200 savings. This laptop also comes with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage space. Now, you can get 1TB of storage on the 13-inch Intel-powered MacBook Pro, but you’ll have to settle for an Intel Core i5 processor and priced at $ 1,799 after a $ 200 discount.

    16-inch MacBook Pro
    13-inch MacBook Pro with an Intel chip

For those of you looking for a new iPad, we found the latest 10.9-inch 64GB iPad Air that has WiFi only and saves up to $ 50, which means that You can buy your iPad for $ 549. The 256GB saves up to $ 54, so it stays at $ 695 if you want the Rose Gold variant, while the other models go for $ 699 after a $ 50 discount. The 2019 WiFi-only iPad mini still gets a $ 30 discount off its 64GB variant, so it’s up for grabs at $ 369. The 256GB option gets a $ 59 discount so you can get yours for $ 490.

If you want an entry-level iPad with a 10.2-inch display, you can get one from $ 299 after a $ 30 discount. The 128GB variant gets a $ 34 discount, so it’s available at $ 395. This is the variant that Jaime Rivera recommends and that I got for myself. Keep in mind that it now supports the first generation Apple Pencil which is now getting a $ 5 discount so it’s available for $ 94.

    2020 iPad Air
    2019 iPad Mini
    2020 iPad

If you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, grab the Apple AirPods Max for $ 520 after getting $ 29 off the Silver and Sky Blue colorways. The green version is $ 540, and you can get the Pink model for $ 543.13, with only the Space Gray model selling at full retail price. The still great AirPods Pro are getting a $ 52 discount, which means you can snag a pair for $ 197, and you can also get a new pair of 2nd Generation AirPods for $ 149.99 and Got $ 128.98 with savings of $ 49 and $ 30, respectively. It just depends on whether you want to get them with a wireless charging case or not. Finally, you can get the latest Apple Watch Series 6 with a savings of $ 70 if you opt for the 44mm GPS-only variant with a RED aluminum case and RED sports band that retails for $ 359 is.

    AirPods Max
    AirPods Pro
    Apple Watch Series 6

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