Samsung is now additionally being accused of baiting and altering its SSDs

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Typically, when you buy something, you should get what you are buying within a certain set of expectations. If you don’t, it would be like cheating, wouldn’t it? The other day we heard a disturbing report about how Western Digital appeared to be baiting and switching its SSDs, with test units providing the advertised performance but not the actual units.

Back then it was reported that other SSD manufacturers like Adata, Crucial, and Patriot did the same, and now it looks like we could add Samsung to that list. This emerges from a report by, which discovered a video in Chinese on YouTube in which two apparently identical Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSDs are compared.

At first glance, both drives appear to be similar, along with all of their identifying text and labels. However, the older drive has the model number MZVLB1T0HBLR while the newer drive has the model number MZVL21T0HBLU. Then they peeled off the stickers and found that there was a different story underneath.

The older model uses the Phoenix drive while the newer model uses an Elpis drive. In terms of performance, the benchmarks show that both drives are identical on some fronts, but the Elpis drive does significantly worse in other tests.
Previous reports had cited chip shortages as one of the reasons SSD manufacturers had to look for alternatives to certain components, but the lack of transparency bothers a lot of people, especially when these drives don’t live up to their advertised claims.

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