Samsung is lastly eradicating advertisements from a few of its apps beginning in the present day

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Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority


  • There will be no more Samsung ads in some first-party smartphone apps.
  • The first two apps that lose ads are Samsung Pay and Samsung Health.
  • Samsung Themes will join the club at some point, but there is no date for it yet.

One of the coolest aspects of Samsung’s Android skin, known as One UI, is that it works largely the same across the product line. This means that the software experience on a budget Samsung phone is largely the same as that on its top-of-the-line flagships.

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The disadvantage is, of course, that money-saving application advertising appears across the board. It’s a bit strange spending, say, $ 1,100 on a Galaxy S21 Ultra and then seeing Samsung ads on your phone.

Fortunately, that is starting to change. Samsung has promised to remove ads from at least some of its apps this year, and the removal has begun. According to forum posts in the official Samsung community (via TizenHelp), Samsung Health and Samsung Pay are now ad-free in South Korea. Korean users also report ad-free experiences on the forums, so it looks like things are getting started.

Theoretically, these changes should also find their way into other countries very soon.

The only other app with Samsung ads that we know will also be ad-free is Samsung Themes. However, it is likely that other Samsung apps will also lose all ads in the near future.

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