Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Professional Assessment: Extra hen’s eye view in your house

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Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

“The Floodlight Pro has a feature called 3D motion detection that uses radar to determine the distance and angles of objects for better motion alerts. The bird’s eye view then provides a map from above and shows a point path that visitors will take when visiting your property. ”

  • Adjustable bracket

  • Has color night vision

  • Has 3D motion detection

  • Loud two-way noise-canceling conversation

  • Customizable movement zones

  • Requires a subscription for full functionality

  • No local storage

  • Lamps are not interchangeable

Outdoor surveillance cameras are an inexpensive way to keep an eye on your property, and Ring’s floodlight camera is attractive because it doubles as an outdoor surveillance camera, it also doubles as a floodlight. With LED lights to illuminate your property as well as night vision, two-way conversation and motion detection, the Floodlight Cam offers many functions in one device.

The latest version, the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, offers even more features and improvements compared to previous models. What does the Floodlight Cam Wired Pro offer? Is it worth the investment? I tested the Floodlight Cam Wired Pro to find out.


The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is available in either black or white, and I tested the black color option for this review. It measures 12.82 x 7.77 x 8.5 inches, but the round base is only about 5 inches in diameter. The camera and floodlight are attached to the base, and the entire unit is weatherproof and can operate in temperatures from minus 5 degrees to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. I noticed that the mounting plate includes a foam backing to create a more airtight seal between the headlight and the outside wall. This prevents moisture from penetrating the electrical connections and disturbing them. The light I replaced with the Floodlight didn’t have that foam back on the mounting plate; Rather, the builder of my house had provided the base of the lamp with sealing compound to prevent moisture from entering. I appreciated the foam back on the mounting plate so I didn’t need to put any sealant around the floodlight.

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The base contains a camera that can be swiveled in all directions and two 3,000-degree Kelvin spotlights with 2,000-lumen floodlights that you can move or rotate up and down as you wish. The traditional way to install the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is with the camera part on the bottom and the lights on the top. However, you can change this orientation and install the unit upside down to better fit a ceiling or low installation.


If you can install a simple light fixture or light switch, you can install the Floodlight Wired Pro. It only has three wires that you need to connect: a ground wire (the green wire), the power or hot wire (the black wire), and the neutral wire (the white wire). The Floodlight Pro contains everything you need to replace an outdoor light. You get a metal bracket, a plastic mounting plate, plenty of screws for various setups, and twist-wire connections. The light even includes a hanging strap so you don’t have to keep your arms up the whole time while connecting all the wires.

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When replacing a lamp, just turn off the power on the breaker in that area, remove the lamp, attach the new metal bracket, feed the wires through the hole in the plastic mounting plate, attach the mounting plate to the metal bracket, close The wires on and attach the floodlight with the two screws. After you’ve hung the Floodlight Pro, connect it to the Ring app by scanning a QR code in the Quick Start Guide.

The Floodlight Pro has dual band WiFi so you can connect it to a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network. Once connected, the Ring app will guide you through additional setup steps, such as setting up motion zones and setting up Amazon Sidewalk.

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The installation took 1 hour and 15 minutes from start to finish. That included removing my old lamp, installing the Floodlight Pro, and adding it to the Ring app. If you are adding the Floodlight Pro to an area that has no lighting or the necessary cables where you plan to install the Floodlight Pro are not yet available, it is best to contact an electrician. However, most people will be able to replace an outdoor light with the Floodlight Pro in an afternoon.

Video and audio quality

I was impressed with the overall video quality of the Ring Floodlight Pro. It offers 1080p HD quality with HDR, a horizontal field of view of 140 degrees and a vertical field of view of 80 degrees. The video quality is clear and bright and I can distinguish faces and cars from a great distance. I put the Floodlight Pro on the side of my house next to the garage door – one of the few areas where I don’t have a security camera. From this side of the street I could see cars approaching as this is the most common entry point for cars. When someone is walking around my house, I can easily tell if it’s a neighbor or a stranger. In some cases, I can even see the driver of a car as they approach my house, and I can almost always see important features like license plates.

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The Floodlight Pro has a feature called 3D Motion Detection that uses radar to determine the distance and angles of objects for better motion alerts. This also enables a feature called “Bird’s Eye View” which offers a map of the top and shows a point path that people take when they visit your property.

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However, I had problems with the Bird’s Eye View feature. I live in a new development that has just been built in the last 12 to 18 months. The bird’s eye view map is based on satellite data, and my home does not exist on the satellite map (it just shows as an empty lot). Even when I try to put my address in some GPS applications, the app can’t find it because it didn’t exist that long ago. Since the satellite data in the satellite map used by Ring is older and the only house built at the time was my neighbour’s house, the app kept moving the bird’s eye view of my neighbour’s house over and over again. It sets up the function, but it acts like the movement is from the perspective of my neighbor’s house rather than my perspective. When I go outside I think that I am on my neighbor’s roof and not in my yard. If you live in a brand new development, you may encounter a similar problem. For most people, however, it should work just fine.

The two-way talk function, on the other hand, works very well and offers noise-canceling audio. The sound is extremely loud and visitors will be able to hear you easily when you speak to them through Floodlight Pro. There is also a 110 decibel siren that you can activate remotely to deter an intruder or unwanted guest. The siren is loud enough to serve its purpose and can be easily activated via the app.

Night vision

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The Pro’s night vision is clear enough to see my property and a few feet of the street, but the night vision image doesn’t compare to the daytime image. There is color night vision, which uses ambient light to create false colors, but only shows tiny dots of color in the background.

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I found the overall image to be a little better to see when I turned off the color night vision feature, but it’s nice to have the color night vision option available.

Other properties

Like many other Ring devices, the Floodlight Pro works well with Alexa devices, especially Echo Show devices. When someone approaches the Floodlight Cam Pro, I can see and speak to them through my Echo Show. The Floodlight Pro offers a variety of other functions, such as adjustable 9m movement zones, movement zone settings for the lights, adjustable brightness and scheduling for the LED lights.

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You can adjust motion sensitivity and set schedules to avoid motion warnings appear at certain times. And as with most Ring products, you get more features when you subscribe to Ring Protect. The subscription gives you additional benefits such as video history for 60 days, saving and sharing of videos, person-only mode, taking snapshots and extensive notifications.

Our opinion

Ring’s Floodlight Cam Pro is extremely easy to use and offers installation benefits such as a foamed mounting plate and strap to hold the light in place when the cables are connected. It’s customizable without being overly complicated, which makes it a device that is likely to get used a lot.

Is there a better alternative?

The Eufy floodlight camera and Floodlight Cam 2k both have a lot going for them, including a smart siren, two-way talk, bright motion-activated floodlights, high-definition live and recorded video, and local storage so you don’t need a subscription. The Floodlight Cam and Cam 2k are $ 200 and $ 220, respectively – less than the $ 250 retail price of the Ring Floodlight Pro. If avoiding subscription costs and having local storage is important to you, you might prefer Eufy’s Floodlight range. However, if you want the most seamless integration possible with Alexa, a feature-rich app, and features like 3D motion detection, you will likely prefer the Ring Floodlight Pro. The Ring Floodlight Pro is also better for those who already have other Ring series products.

Another alternative is Ring’s own Floodlight Cam Plus. Though it lacks some of the features that the newer model has, like dual-band WiFi and a bird’s eye view, it’s a lower-cost option ($ 180) that offers a similar experience.

How long it will take?

The Ring Floodlight Pro is well made and weatherproof. The lightbulbs will last for many years but are not interchangeable. This limits the life of the device somewhat, but if the lightbulbs last 10 years, that is a relatively long life for the device. The Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is backed by a one-year parts and theft protection warranty.

Should you buy it?

Yes. If you want to add an outdoor security camera / floodlight combo that has cool tech like aerial photography and Amazon sidewalk – and yet is easy to use – you’ll love the Ring Floodlight Pro.

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