Ray-Ban Tales are Fb’s Reply to Snapchat Spectacles (Up to date)

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Facebook Ray Ban Smart Glasses eb render 1


  • After a last minute leak, Facebook and Ray-Ban launched their first joint product: Ray-Ban Stories.
  • Like the Spectacles from Snapchat, the Smart Glasses aims to give you an easy way to record and share video content.
  • You can purchase them right now, starting at $ 299.

Update, September 9, 2021 (12:35 p.m. ET): In the following article, we share leaked information about what eventually became Ray-Ban Stories, Facebook’s first smart glasses. Ray-Ban and Facebook have now officially launched the product with a starting price of $ 299.

As expected, the smart glasses have two cameras that work together to give you an easy way to record video content. While video quality is going to be subpar compared to most phones these days, that’s not the point. The idea is to give you an easy, hands-free way to capture fleeting moments.

Ray-Ban stories

Ray-Ban stories

Facebook and Ray-Ban have teamed up to create smart glasses.

Ray-Ban Stories are a joint project between the famous sunglasses company and Facebook. Although they look like regular glasses, tiny cameras are hidden inside the frame that you can use to record hands-free video anytime.

Ray-Ban Stories is $ 299 for the regular version. You can upgrade to polarized lenses for $ 329 and transition lenses for $ 379. You can also equip them with corrective lenses if you need to.

The original article on the leak of this product continues below.

Original article, Sept. 9, 2021 (2:39 a.m. ET): Facebook has been talking about its Smart Glasses project for a while, and more details will finally be revealed earlier this year. We knew Ray-Ban was part of the Luxottica Group and that the glasses would be “connected”. Now, leaked renders have surfaced right before the official reveal detailing the designs of the smart glasses.

The pictures are from serial leaker Evan Blass and show the smart glasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban in at least three styles. These include the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Round frames with green, blue and tinted lenses.

Each frame also has a camera mounted above the lenses in the top left and top right. The specifications of these cameras are currently unclear. The glasses also come in a case with what appears to be a charging cable. This suggests that the glasses contain batteries to power the cameras and connectivity smarts, presumably to send images back to a smartphone. The hardware for this could be stowed in the thicker frame of the glasses.

ray ban facebook smart glasses eb 5

What can the data glasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban do?

Facebook has remained pretty vague about the capabilities of the smart glasses. In January, Bloomberg announced that the glasses would offer “a lot of functionality” but would not have augmented reality smarts. In the same report, Facebook points out that the smart glasses would allow users to capture fleeting moments without picking up the phone, similar to Snapchats Spectacles. Facebook is reportedly still working on AR glasses, but it is unclear when they will arrive.

According to a teaser from Ray-Ban, the smart glasses will be officially announced later in the day. Expect more details on pricing and availability shortly.

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