Qualcomm introduces an reasonably priced Snapdragon growth package for Home windows 10 on ARM

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Qualcomm has worked with Microsoft to develop a Snapdragon-based developer kit to improve the testing and development of Windows 10 in ARM applications. The development kit looks like a mini PC with a poor port selection and will be available in the Microsoft Store this summer.

Finally a Windows 10 on ARM test platform that doesn’t cost developers a thousand dollars

“This Windows 10 on Arm-based developer kit was developed in collaboration with Microsoft and is an affordable resource for developers to review and validate their solutions for a great user experience when working, learning and collaborating on Snapdragon-enabled Windows 10 -PCs ensure, “says Qualcomm.

Officially called the Qualcomm Snapdragon Developer KitThe machine is a unique product for Windows 10 in the ARM development ecosystem. However, it’s not a novel idea. Reference hardware for smartphone chips is nothing new to Qualcomm, and even Apple is doing the same for its ecosystem.

Last year, Apple introduced a Developer Transition Kit – essentially a Mac mini case with the A12Z Bionic chip – to help developers transition their apps from the Intel x86 design to the ARM architecture. However, Qualcomm hasn’t released any details about the innards of its Snapdragon-based developer kit yet.

The company is touting the Developer Kit as a low-cost solution for Windows 10 for ARM development, suggesting that it doesn’t include a high-end Snapdragon 8cx series chip. It is very likely that the kit will come with the newly announced Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 platform for mid-range PCs.

We don’t have official pricing information, but we expect it to be lower than traditional Snapdragon laptops. Previously, developers on ARM computers like the Surface Pro X had to rely on expensive Windows. This isn’t the most affordable test hardware for developers, especially those who work independently or are part of a financially troubled startup.

With the introduction of a development kit that doesn’t cost a thousand dollars, developers can now focus on recompiling, tweaking, and testing applications for Windows 10 devices powered by Snapdragon computing platforms without worrying about combustion having to make their wallets. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Developer Kit also comes just in time as Microsoft prepares to bring x64 app emulation out of beta to solve the biggest problem Windows 10 is facing on ARM – the availability of compatible 64-bit -Apps.

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