OnePlus broadcasts Digital Wellpaper, a stay wallpaper centered on digital wellbeing

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OnePlus has been known to add digital feel-good features to its OxygenOS. The company gives users another way to focus on their digital wellbeing. OnePlus has launched Digital Wellpaper, a live digital wellbeing wallpaper that’s now available on Google Play. The company aims to close the gap between the ever-increasing use of smartphones. The app displays a dynamic background image based on the usage data of a person’s smartphone. It was curated by OneLab, an experimental software team within OnePlus.

Android users can now visualize and better understand their everyday digital habits with Digital Wellpaper. The app is a virtual feel-good tool designed to display the digital patterns of smartphone users on their home and lock screens. It is claimed to be the first of its kind to visualize a person’s app usage.

The digital Wellpaper from OnePlus takes the many different apps on your smartphone and simplifies them into six categories: Social, Lifestyle and Communication, Entertainment, Games, Information and Business and Tools. With this classification, users can easily understand how they are using their phone. You can just click into the categories set and see a detailed breakdown of every single app used. Also, users can set screen time reminders to better manage overall device operations.

OnePlus Digital Wellpaper

You can choose from three different Digital WellPaper designs: Composition, Glow, and Radial. All of them are custom background images, categorized according to their own colors and constantly scaled based on usage. The wallpaper designs are completely tailored to the usage behavior. In this way, Android users can be informed about their digital habits in an inconspicuous and visually appealing way.

OnePlus North America has also launched its own website providing users with resources on how to improve their digital wellbeing. The platform educates individuals about the company’s existing digital wellness initiatives such as Zen Mode and Insight AOD, and offers users exclusive behind-the-scenes content on OnePlus’ commitment to digital wellness.

The Digital WellPaper app is available for Android 7.0 and higher and can be downloaded from Google Play. You can find more information about the app on the OnePlus digital wellbeing website.

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