OnePlus 10 Professional may hit the market months forward of its world launch in China

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  • The OnePlus 10 Pro release date is reportedly set to January or February 2022, but only in China.
  • According to a reliable leaker, the global launch of 10 Pro won’t happen until March or April 2022.
  • If that’s true, OnePlus would follow Oppo’s rollout strategy for its flagship smartphones.

OnePlus’ oppo-ification has been going on for months and it looks like another new change will be made in the OnePlus release cycle.

According to a tweet from trusted speaker Max Jambor, the OnePlus 10 Pro release date will be in January or February 2022, but only in China. The OnePlus 10 Pro global launch will reportedly take place in March or April 2022, potentially leaving a gap of up to three months between the Chinese and global launches.

This is in line with the global launch of the previous OnePlus flagship phones. The OnePlus 9 Pro debuted worldwide in March 2021. However, the earlier start in China is new to the company. OnePlus launched its flagship smartphones worldwide, or at least semi-globally, from day one. Oppo, on the other hand, usually brings its smartphones to their home country China first and then launches them internationally.

In September 2021, OnePlus CEO and co-founder Pete Lau announced a new era for the company called “OnePlus 2.0,” which essentially meant OnePlus would be closer to its parent company BBK as well as other BBK-owned properties like Oppo.

So what does this mean for the OnePlus 10 Pro? If that rumor turns out to be true early next year, we can expect the OnePlus 10 Pro to launch in China with Color OS, the Android skin that ships on Oppo smartphones. In later global rollouts, the 10 Pro will ship with Oxygen OS, the same software skin that has shipped on OnePlus phones for years.

As mentioned earlier, this is just a rumor and should be viewed with caution until we hear something official from OnePlus.


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