One other leaked Google Pixel 6 price ticket is one other piece of potential excellent news on your pockets

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  • An eagle-eyed Redditor has discovered a new leak in the Google Pixel 6 price tag.
  • In Germany, the phone could cost 649 euros and include expensive headphones for free from a dealer.
  • This corresponds to an earlier price leak, which makes us pretty confident that this is correct.

Earlier this week, we finally got an official confirmation of when the next Google Pixel phones would hit the market: October 19th. With that date on the calendar, we now pretty much know everything there is to know about the phones. That is, except for one small thing – the pricing.

However, thanks to Redditor / u / the_amazing_rock, we now have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect. According to a leaked image from German retailer Saturn, one of the country’s largest electronics chains is reportedly planning to set the price of Google Pixel 6 at € 649. Additionally, the leaked ad snippet claims that you could get a set of Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 for free with your purchase. These headphones alone cost $ 400!

Check out the leaked ad image here:

Google Pixel 6 Price Germany Leak

The price of € 649 is the same as a previous leak we saw. Judging from the consistency of these leaks, it seems like a safe bet that this could end up lowering the price of the Google Pixel 6.

Note that the ad text suggests that this deal will run from October 19th – the confirmed launch date for Pixel 6 – through October 27th, about a week later. It is possible that this will be the official pre-order window for the phones, which means October 27th could be the day the Pixel 6 hits store shelves.

Now, pricing is very rarely carried across the pond point by point. That said, the Pixel 6 is unlikely to cost $ 649 here. However, it could cost $ 799 or even $ 749, which would put it in direct competition with something like the Samsung Galaxy S21. That’s not bad at all!

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