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Millions of people in the US have at a time when being online is almost as important as clean running water, no broadband connection at home, or some really bad, expensive form of it. What now?

Two new home broadband options are emerging, offering services where they are either unavailable or uncompetitive. Starlink is a new satellite ISP that is trying to get rid of the often negative connotations of satellite internet and to do so almost anywhere you can set up a small bowl pointed at the sky. T-Mobile Home Internet is a 5G-based service that provides broadband to the site, not the mobile devices that T-Mobile is known for. Each service creates Wi-Fi in your home so you don’t really have to worry about whether it is powered by satellite or a 5G cellular network.

Don’t you just want to feed your home on it? Starlink’s Internet service is powered by a network of satellites.


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My CNET colleagues John Kim and Rick Broida carried out initial tests on Starlink and T-Mobile Home Internet, respectively. In short, Starlink has proven to be a great new option for people living in areas with little or no broadband access, while T-Mobile Home Internet is tightening the limited range of ISPs in most urban or suburban areas.

T-Mobile 5G nodes

Usually we think of a T-Mobile 5G node like this one in New York City as a power supply for mobile devices, but home internet is one of the new tricks of 5G.

Eli Blumenthal, CNET

Watch her video chat with me for a hands-on account of what it was like to use these new services. You will also find out which of my colleagues liked the service they tested so much that they signed up for it at home.

Neither Starlink nor T-Mobile Home Internet are intended as direct competition to something like cable Internet, which tends to offer much more speed for less money. And when you’re moving or making sure you have the best broadband service near you, visit our sister site AllConnect for a quick and comprehensive comparison of your options.

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