Nebula Mat welcomes guests to your house by disinfecting their footwear

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The year 2020 made us all aware of sanitation and also made it clear to us how dirty shoes are. Have you ever thought about how much your shoes touch without putting your hands on them? The team at Nebula did, and their research is just disturbing. A study shows that a single shoe can carry up to 440,000 bacteria – living things that you don’t want in your home.

The Nebula Mat can be the answer. This doormat is equipped with a number of sensors that detect when you are going up. A fine mist of bactericidal spray is then released to disinfect your shoes before you step inside. There is a built-in drying area that drains off excess spray so you don’t have to worry about chasing it around the house.

The drying area consists of environmentally friendly, but above all washable microfiber towels. If they get a little too dirty (like after a rainy day with lots of mud), just remove them and throw them in the washing machine.

The spray solution is medical grade but does not consist of harmful chemicals such as bleach. In fact, it’s registered with the EPA. You don’t want to drink it, but the solution is nowhere near as harmful as other options on the market. What is important is that it is strong enough to kill dangerous bacteria like the ones that cause meningitis as well as the E. coli bacteria.

The Nebula Mat is designed as stylish as it is effective, with a modern aesthetic that will suit most homes. Its weatherproof design makes it perfect for use on covered verandas and paths. At 21 inches wide by 33 inches long, this mat can easily accommodate both feet at the same time, no matter how big your shoes may be.

However, the Nebula Mat is not easy. At around 20 pounds, it won’t blow off your porch. If you run out of cleaning spray, Nebula will ship more to your home – all you have to do is order it. The Nebula Mat has an estimated retail price of $ 250. A Kickstarter campaign is slated to begin next month.

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